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PRESS RELEASE: Transforming Lives,One Ticket at a Time.

Kampala, Uganda - The National Lotteries and Gambling Regulatory Board (NLGRB) is proud to announce a ground breaking initiative that redefines the essence of playing the National Lottery in Uganda. This initiative, titled "Transforming Lives, One Ticket at a Time," marks a significant shift in how lottery revenues are utilized, ensuring that every ticket sold contributes directly to the betterment of our nation.

In an unprecedented partnership with ITHUBA UGANDA, the NLGRB is committed to ensuring that the National Lottery is more than just a game of chance—it's a catalyst for positive change across the country. With every ticket purchased, players are not only given a chance to win life-changing prizes but are also making a direct contribution to the funding of critical public infrastructure projects, educational programs, healthcare services, and sports development initiatives. The "Transforming Lives, One Ticket at a Time" initiative is at the heart of our mission to serve as #ChangeMakers in our society. It embodies our commitment to leveraging the National Lottery as a powerful tool for social good.

By participating in the lottery, our players are directly supporting the development and prosperity of Uganda, making every play a step towards a brighter future. The collaboration with ITHUBA UGANDA ensures that a significant portion of lottery revenues is allocated to projects that have a lasting impact on the welfare and quality of life of Ugandans. From building schools and hospitals to supporting the growth of local sports talent, the initiative is designed to touch every corner of our society, ensuring that the benefits of the lottery are felt by all.

The National Lotteries and Gambling Regulatory Board and ITHUBA UGANDA invite all Ugandans to join us in this noble cause. By participating in the National Lottery, you're not just chasing a dream of personal wealth; you're helping to build a nation where every citizen has the opportunity to succeed. Together, we can transform lives, one ticket at a time. The National Lotteries and Gambling Regulatory Board is Uganda's premier regulatory body for lotteries and gambling, committed to ensuring fair play, responsible gaming, and the ethical use of game revenues for national development. #ChangeMakers #LotteryForGood