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National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board Visits Jinja: Promotes Responsible Gaming and Introduces National Lottery Benefits

Jinja, 10th June 2024 – The National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board members led by Chairman, Board of Directors, Mr. Aloysius Mugasa Adyeri, recently embarked on a significant visit to Jinja, where the agenda included promoting responsible gaming, introducing the National Lottery, and fostering collaborative relationships with local leaders and stakeholders. The visit was marked by a series of key engagements and inspections aimed at ensuring compliance and economic benefits for the community.

The Board members began their visit at 103.5 Apex FM, a renowned local radio station in Jinja. During their time at Apex FM, the Board engaged in a live broadcast, discussing the importance of responsible gaming and the positive impact of the National Lottery on local economies. This platform allowed the Board to reach a wide audience, educating the public on the responsible gaming practices and the prospective benefits the National Lottery will bring to Jinja and its surrounding areas.

Following the radio engagement, the Board held a comprehensive stakeholder meeting with city area leaders. The focus of this engagement was to discuss collaborative opportunities and the introduction of the National Lottery. The Board highlighted the economic advantages of the National Lottery, including job creation, increased tourism, and community development projects funded by lottery revenues. Local leaders expressed their enthusiasm and support, recognizing the potential for significant positive changes within their communities.

In addition to these discussions, the Board emphasized the importance of responsible gaming. They outlined initiatives and educational programs aimed at promoting awareness and preventing gambling-related issues. This proactive approach aims to protect the wellbeing of the community while ensuring that the benefits of the National Lottery are maximized.

The visit concluded with a series of inspections at various gaming premises in Jinja. The Board’s aim was to ascertain the compliance measures taken by sector players in line with regulations. These inspections are part of the Board’s ongoing commitment to ensuring a fair, transparent, and responsible gaming environment. The Board was pleased to observe that many establishments are adhering to the required standards, though they also identified areas for improvement to further align with best practices.

The Chairman of the Board, Mr. Mugasa Adyeri expressed optimism about the outcomes of the visit. “Our visit to Jinja has been incredibly productive. We are committed to working closely with local leaders and stakeholders to ensure that the National Lottery brings maximum benefits to the community. By promoting responsible gaming and ensuring compliance, we can create a sustainable and positive impact for everyone involved.”

The National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board looks forward to continuing its engagement with the Jinja community and other regions, as it rolls out the National Lottery and reinforces responsible gaming practices nationwide.