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NLGRB and URA Conduct Joint Enforcement Exercise to Strengthen Gaming Industry Integrity and Tax Compliance

In a collaborative effort to uphold industry integrity, officials from the National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board (NLGRB) joined forces with Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) officials to conduct a joint enforcement exercise. The operation aimed to ensure compliance with gaming regulations and tax laws within the country. The exercise involved thorough inspections of gaming establishments across Uganda to verify adherence to regulatory standards and tax requirements. NLGRB and URA officials worked hand in hand to scrutinize operations, identify any non-compliant operators, and take appropriate enforcement actions. During the inspections, premises found to be in violation of gaming regulations or tax laws were flagged for further investigation. Enforcement actions were taken swiftly to address any breaches and maintain industry standards. One of the primary objectives of the joint enforcement exercise was to address the proliferation of illegal gambling operations, which pose significant risks to consumers and undermine the integrity of the gaming industry. By cracking down on illegal operators and enforcing regulatory standards, NLGRB and URA seek to protect consumers from potential harm and promote responsible gaming practices. By working together, both agencies aim to protect the interests of players, protect government revenue, and promote responsible gaming. This concerted effort reflects the government's commitment to upholding industry integrity and fostering a fair gaming environment while also safeguarding tax revenue.