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Welcoming of the “She Cranes” from Windhoek Namibia

The Board partnered with National Netball Federation to give a victorious welcome of the “She Cranes” from Windhoek Namibia where they were participating in Pent series and African Cup Netball Championship (World Cup qualifiers 2023).

Through one-on-one interactions and a speech from the Ag. CEO Denis Mudene Ngabirano, many were made aware of the functions of National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board, it’s main mandate and contribution to Uganda including the sports fraternity. For instance, he highlighted the fact that the Board through one of it’s function as stipulated by the Law in Section 4(i) of the Lotteries and Gaming Act No.7 of 2016, participate and contribute to good causes in accordance with the Act. Is mandated to give back to society through Cooperate Social Responsibility and the Board together with the Gaming operators support Sports, Health and Education.
Awareness creation of Responsible gaming was also carried out during this event. The congregation got to know what is entailed in the Board’s Responsible gaming program. i.e Counselling and treatment, Training, awareness creation and research.
Apart from creating awareness, National Netball Federation, She Cranes netballers and National Counsel of Sports in Uganda pledged to be partners in promoting Responsible gaming in Uganda. National Netball Federation requested to have the Board’s branded material displayed at every event the She Crane takes part in order to make the public more aware about National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board as well as Responsible Gaming.